Wedgies back!

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Wedgies back!

i had began to worry about the local Wedgetailed Eagles, as I hadent seen them in a wile. Considering the mass mouse plaque, I worried they ate a poisoned mouse or some idiot shot them. 

Let me give you a short eagle story. When I first spotted the eagles, I every person I saw that they did not eat live lambs. A little wile arfter my observation, I notest a second eagle, weeks arfter that I cam to school and was told (by one of the local farm children) that they had a 2 neater eagle nest in a paddock. Few months later...2 eagle chicks, yes two. I read in my bird book that they usually have 1. Next year, two chicks againe, they were breeding well. 5 years parts, they would come and go every few months. But one month, they didn’t come. 6 months later no eagles. I began to worry that I had lost them. But reasently, this week, I saw the pair flying over the creek, looked like they were hunting, flying low to the grown. I’m hoping that they will breed againe this year.

the one thing is...I still dunno were they whent, maybe I was never were they were, as they do have a massive range to fly around in.

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