What a Wonderful Bird is the Pelican

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What a Wonderful Bird is the Pelican

In the 31 years Ms Woko & I have lived on the s.e slopes of the Mt Lofty Ranges I think I’ve observed a Pelican on only one occasion & that was during the flood of  December 1994. That is, until this morning when, while lying on my back doing my exercises, I noticed a solitary P. conspicilatus wheeling & dealing overhead. The weather is rather different this time. In fact, until recently, we were facing our driest year here. 

It’s interesting to contemplate what might have motivated this bird’s flight over our property because, apart from our bird bowls, there ain’t much water for it here.  Was it a random event? Or was it seeking water of which there are only dregs in local dams? The nearest substantial water is at the Strathalbyn effluent ponds & the Laratinga Wetlands in Mt Barker, both about 15 km away so it may have been a vagrant from either or both of those water bodies. My best guess is that it was one of Father Christmas’ scouts, trying to detect who’s been naughty & nice before the big event. 

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Last year I counted 30 or so palicans flying in a v formation over the house, and one white palican with a hint of brown in its wings (which hissed at me as I took a photo of it). This year I’ve only 2. I suspect they are nesting, as I oftenly only see one. I’m hoping to finds a palican father, but dew to the dry weather, that is unlikely. 

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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