What kind of Scrubwren is this one

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What kind of Scrubwren is this one

Can someone ID this for me positively please; I believe it to be a White-browed Scrubwren. There seems to be several races and was wondering if someone would know which race this is.

Thanks for any input.

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yes, that is a White-browed Scrubwren

I have the 8th edition of Simpson & Day & it shows 9 races + 3 races of Tasmanian Scrubwren

The races are geographically distinct

if your pic was from Brisbane region it should be either Race laevigaster or Race tweedi - all of which you have probably read

Slater has less total races - 4 including the Tasmanian scrubwren - but has a McPherson Ranges race

I would need more of the body to comment further, so will leave to others


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Thanks for your help again Peter, I'll go through my photos again and see if I can get the right race.



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