What to use to check photos when travelling

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What to use to check photos when travelling

When I travel I take two camera bodies and three lenses.  Naturally these are carry on luggage and I find if I add my laptop it is too heavy so I now leave the laptop at home.

Last visit to Darwin I came home with 600 photos that I had checked on the camera.  I deleted quite a lot whilst travelling but when I got home and could view the remaining photos there were a few I was disappointed with.  Does anyone use a tablet whilst traveling to check their photos? 

All I want is a device with a bigger screen to check my photos, I don't need a phone or internet or all the other "bells and whistles" that tablets seem to offer.  Once I store the photos on a tablet can I retrieve them and put them on my laptop?

Any advice, help would be greatly appreciated.


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if your going on a long trip id say its worth taking the laptop, most airlines allow carry on luggage, a laptop bag as extra carry on and a camera as extra carry on- 3 individual pieces of carry on luggage, this is due to the delacacy and cost of the items. 

I normally take a tonne of camera stuff and end up with my 600mm as my 'camera carry on ' in addition to my normal bag.

if your not doing editing id just buy extra SD cards and dont delete- i never delete in camera unless really obvious a crap shot. There are serendipitous shots that you will find on review on your computer screen , sometimes months later, that you either didnt appreciate at the time, or couldn't see on the camera screen,

i havent used tablets mainly because i dont think any have the memory storage capacity. You may be able to use with an external hard drive but by that time, you might as well have taken your lap top,...

my current plan and one im in favour of is; buy more cards, delete less, review later smiley


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Thanks so much Mike this is a great help.  I am afraid I take 2 Nikon bodies and three lenses including the Sigma

150-500mm which is heavy.  When I was away recently I found an injured Tawny Frogmouth.  I phoned a ranger to

come and rescue the bird and whilst I was waiting I photographed the bird.  I am afraid I was so excited I got too close and

what should be great photos are a bit blurry.  The photos looked OK on the camera.  I use my photos as reference

for illustrations but I still like to try to get sharp images.

Thanks again for your help.

Cheers Ro

PS I was told later the Frogmouth survived to be released.

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Most people I know use tablets for evrythng nowdays but I'm still very old school and until a few months ago I carried around a 12inch veiwmaster laptop ,Liked it for 2 main reasons firstly the screen was amazing and 2 it was so thin and lite and dropped straight into the back pocket of my camera bag and came out again without effort ,I carried it to events all over the country for nearly 10 years and it had a very hard life, I would like to see that would be left of a tablet they all look a bit fragile to me.

The veiwmasters battery finally died so I took it to my stepson (my tech guy )who couldn't beleve it was still around we looked online for a replacement ,I ended up with a 10in acer aspire one laptop second hand for under $100 its slow and crappy but the screen is almost as good as my old one and is plenty good enough for veiwing my photos before I load them onto my portable hard drive.

This way I can leave my good laptop at home.

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Hi Ro, I have found the tablet useful when travelling as the laptop was that bit too much gear.

An I-pad is useful for viewing pics and deleting a few more but it can be slow to load if the SD card is very full so load often. I leave originals on the SD card, check the pics on the I-pad and delete from the card in-camera. However you can sync I-pad and laptop and send pics at full res from the I-pad to your laptop. That was useful when I mislaid a couple of videos recently.

However there are now some very small and lightweight laptops around which may be better than the tablet. We recently purchased a Toshiba Kira and will be giving it a try soon.

I wonder if you could also connect to a TV these days and decide which you want to retain.


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I'm with miccro, "buy more cards, delete less, review later" but it would depend on how long the trip was going to be for.

If I was going around Australia for six months or a year ( one daywink) then I would be looking into a good lap-top or maybe an I-pad and a card reader for sure.

On a recent Pelagic trip I took over two thousand photographs in five hours but I had a lot to delete when I got home. Focusing on a boat at sea is not an ideal platform.

Samford Valley Qld.

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Thankyou to everyone for their very helpful suggestions I now have a lot of research to do.


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