Which bird of prey is this, please?

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Which bird of prey is this, please?

I leave the door to my chicken run open every day as they free range. Today I was surprised to discover this unexpected visitor. I'm not sure what it is ... a kestrel or a hobby?

It escaped without any problems, for it or the hens, fortunately. (I reduced the quality of the photo before uploading, but I hope you can identify it for me please.)

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Certainly no expert, just trying to see if I am right, before the experts turn up. Happy to be corrected.

Location - town, region and state can be helpful for ID to longtimemother.

My thinking - Brown Goshawk, I think it has got the frown of a brown goshawk and the partially trousered legs.

Nice Photo as well.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Definitely an immature (most likely first year) Brown Goshawk. As Dale mentioned the brow ridge being very distinct also all its toes appear to be rather similar in length. A sparrowhawk would have a visibly longer middle toe.

Goshawks will take your chickens down! smiley

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