Which one?

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Which one?

Got this yesterday, i am sure it is not an Australian Raven but it is a Juvi.Port Macquarie for those who don't know where i am at the moment.

And a tight crop of the head.

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that amount of hackles suggests Australian Raven, but you need to hear the call to be certain


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The dark eye would suggest juvenile. However, the call is the key, but as far as my limited raven knowledge is the sheer amount of hackles indicates Australian Raven.

Did you hear calls????

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Thanks, Guys. The reason i say not Australian Raven was because of it's call. But not having a recording device with me and going off  memory i can't be sure what it was. I guess i will just have to put this one down to lack of experience.

Shorty......Canon gear



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I love the purple and green vaguely coming through all that black. Awesome shot! Lorne. 

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