White backed Magpie in Blue Mountains

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White backed Magpie in Blue Mountains

Hello! I am new to this forum, I joined because I have seen a white backed magpie around Faulconbridge Public school on two separate occassions. I have never seen one in this area before and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered any in the vicinity lately. I am wondering why this fella is here?

Owl of Kedumba
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Hello and welcome,

I don't recall ever seeing a white-backed in the mountains, I thought it was too far north anyway. Be nice to get a photo but I presume you haven't got one? So you're definitely sure it was white-backed (check link)?


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I reckon it's a normal Australian Magpie, male. They have white on the back and anyone can unknowingly assume it's a white-backed.

I actually photographed one at Windsor, which appeared to have more white than normal, but I just assumed all ours are the same race in the Sydney region.

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Vagrants do occur, black-backed birds have been reported in Melbourne on occasion. 

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