Wild Budgies & Cockatiels in Victoria

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Wild Budgies & Cockatiels in Victoria


I am wanting to see some wild and budgies and cockatiels hopefully within Victoria. Ive scoured ebird to see if there are any recent sightings to no avail and was hoping someone here might know of a location housing either of them in recent months. 


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I'm interested in your motivation for wanting to see these two particular species, Col pal. Can you enlighten me? Thanks.

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Australian Parrots are a passion of mine and im slowly trying to see each species in the wild. Was deeply disapointed earlier this year when I travelled to SA and missed both of them and the Major Mitchells. I also hate that the only ones you get to see in Melbourne are in cages or the odd escape. There is nothing like watching a wild bird in its natrual habitat. 

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Oh that makes me feel so much better! I've been following you for a while now Col_pal, thought you'd have ticked both these off your list by now, given how many other species you've spied! :O

Nevertheless, I've looked everywhere too and would also like to know, hopefully someone can help us out..

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