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I think this is a White-browed Woodswallow???? Have a look at the eye, this doesn't look normal to me. But the bird was acting like all the others and didn't seem to be in pain.What do you think? Or could it be a juvenile and the white above the eye is just the eyebrow?

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White-browed Woodswallow it is, Araminta. One with an eye deformity, I'd say, perhaps caused by an attack although there's no sign of blood dried or otherwise. The whole eye area & part of the head look dishevelled.

Rebecca Z

It almost looks to me like there is some sort of growth underneath pushing everything out of alignment. It's definitely a white-browed woodswallow, but the skin around the eye is pushed up and even with the fluffed feathers, it seems like there's a bulge there that's pushing out which makes the feathers "swell" in that way. I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like to me.

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