Yellow Tufted Honeyeater ?

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Yellow Tufted Honeyeater ?

Long time no post !  The Callestimons are out (pic below is a day before flowering !),

with the usual corunucopia of honeyeaters: Eastern Spinebill, Yellow Faced, Blue Faced, Lewins etal fluttering around busily while we we're having breakfast, then this fine looking "fellow" appears.  First time I have seen it.  Yellow Tufted Honeyeater ??? though I could be wrong ?  What a beauty...

Sorry for the crappy quality, wrong lens on at the time blah blah blah 

This little fellow was praying over proceedings :)


Welcome back !  Very jealous of the wonderful variety of honey eaters you attract to your garden.

Great photos - really love your #3.

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Good photos, that is a Yellow Tufted Honeyeater. Nice Mantis shot.

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Beautiful photos! I love the macro shots 1 and 4 (even if they aren't of birds).


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timmo wrote:
I love the macro shots 1 and 4 (even if they aren't of birds).

Nature is all about balance isn't it ? Which was why I included the other pics.  I go to my Mum's place in Brisbane and see Crows by the dozens, Magpies, Indian Mynas, Pidgeons, Rainbow Lorikeets and that's about it.  I would be lucky to hear one crow a month where we live.

Something is wrong.

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Hi againyes Wonderful colours. I love the macro shotsheart (I know what kind of camera you're using wink) Hope you hang around for a bit.


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