Yellow Wattlebird - 11th Tas Endemic

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Annie W
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Yellow Wattlebird - 11th Tas Endemic

Well 11th on my imaginary list of sighting all of the 12 Tasmanian Endemics laugh.  Finally, my front birdbath was used (in front of me anyway) and finally got a shot of one of these delightful guys.  Woop times two!!

Crikey mikey, they are HUUGE.  I've only ever once seen these, a pair, in our yard, early in spring last year collecting nesting material.  They were both smallish in comparison, but this handsome guy, enormous.  Just to paint a picture of size, they're around the length of a Currawong or Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.  I think their tail would probably make up a lot of that length on paper, but really a stunning big birdy!

Yellow Wattlebird - Male

Tasmanian Emdemic

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He is a fine looking bird Annie, and you have captured the yellow wattles beautifuly. Great shots.


Very strking bird ... seems to know he is a good looking fellow too! Wonderful pictures with amazing detail. 

(Good to see you back in business with the camera !!)

Which is the 12th one on your list?

Annie W
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Thanks Headsie!  I think he knew he was the man too WD wink.  Yes, I have been making up for lost time the last couple of days - terrible creature of habit though I am, so just the usual bush birds from me so haven't posted them.  I have yet to see a Forty-spotted Pardalote but hope to rectify that with a trip down South of the State on the cards sooner rather than later. 

West Coast Tasmania

Rick N
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Beautifully coloured bird and so clear. Great shots.

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Such a majestic bird. laugh

Love your crystal clear photos too, Annie. Beautiful work!

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What a stunning bird and your photos show him off beautifully, I can't recall ever seeing a photo of one before.

Annie W
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Thanks Rick, windshear & sparrow.  I've had FB (non-birdy) friends from all over the State having a good humoured laugh at my excitement as they're apparently quite common around Tas - just not in my garden.  He was only there for about 30 seconds or so, but his size and wattles blew me away.  His wattles seemed to have a mind of their own and I was waiting for one to either flick around and ping him in the eye laugh or start moving all tentacle like (Davy Jones' character in Pirates of the Carribean sprang to mind laugh).  Hope he's the one from last spring and brings his wife next time too!  Made my week anyway.

West Coast Tasmania

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