Yellow tuffed Honey Eater

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Yellow tuffed Honey Eater

The Yellow tuffed Honeyeater is one of my favorates I thought I'd post a photo to show how similar they are to the Helmeted Honeyeater posted by ML

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They are very similar. The only difference would be the tail. They say the Helmeted Honeyeater's tail is longer. But unless you would see them next to each other, it could be hard to tell. Does the Tuffed one also buff up the helmet?

Nice photosmiley


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They raise it up when there fighting which is most of the time,they fight with evrything and then once the've chased off evrything else they fight with each other, and they never stop moving.

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And so fast, I had a tree full of them (only misletoe flowering in the area we visited) and they were very hard to get a clear shot of. Great bird, colourful and active.  Good shot!

Annie W
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You've caught it's beautiful colours there sparrow!  Would love to see these guys in full "go" with their tufts up - they sound like a bird with a very dominant and entertaining personality!

West Coast Tasmania


Beautiful photo!

Rick N
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Bird has attitude smiley Nice shot.

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