cassowary baby photos

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cassowary baby photos

Our resident male cassowary has finally deemed his new chicks strong enough to cross the creek for a visit in our garden.

The young are now 8 weeks old (we know that, because he showed up at a neighbour's place when they were only a few days old), and quite adventurous, but following dad closely.

There are a few native trees and shrubs fruiting and the cassowary droppings contain a good amount of healthy (i.e. natural/wild) food.

One of our black palms has hundreds of fruits, but they might be too big for the little cassowaries. Last year I watched the female eating more than 40 -that's a bucket full!- of them in one sitting.

Spring is a great time in any garden, with lots of birds breeding. Does anyone know, how "tight" honey-eaters  are sitting on their eggs? Our graceful honey-eater seems to spend a lot of time away from the nest. I suppose, that a daily temperature of around 29 degrees is not enough for incubation?

Almost forgot: one of the most beautiful birds has returned to our area: the buff-breasted paradise kingfishers arrived 3 weeks ago from PNG, establishing their territories now with frequent calling. We have a number of their preferred termite mounds in our garden, but so far no one has moved in.


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O Christina, how beautiful they are!!! So are your photos.And what a lovely pond. I just wish I could be there to see it, but thanks for showing them to all of us.


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That's so grand, Christina. It must be tremendously exciting living in such natural surroundings.

I can't help with the incubation question. It might be safe to presume that the graceful honeyeater's behaviour wouldn't put the eggs at risk by spending long periods away from the nest. Besides, "long" in human terms these days is about 5 minutes or less.

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the honeyeater has abandoned the nest now....

Tried to include a new photo in this comment, but it doesn't work...


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Magnificent birds in beautiful healthy condition too.  Thanks for posting.

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Yes, they are looking very healthy. There seems to be enough food around, they are very picky eaters , dad is even ignoring the palm fruits.


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