chestnut-breasted mannikins

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chestnut-breasted mannikins

Being surrounded by rainforest (we live near Kuranda in far north Queensland), we are surprised that a large flock of chestnut-breasted mannikins has arrived in our garden a few weeks ago. Are they supposed to live in this habitat or are they travelling through, on the way to a swampy, grassy area?

How do these birds travel? Above the canopy, through the trees, along roads or waterways?

We saw our first buff-breasted paradise kingfishers here last summer and were wondering about that then: how do they find the same termite mound again, do they travel alone, in pairs or loose flocks, high above the canopy or close to the ground....


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What an enquiring mind you have, Christina! I'm looking forward to answers to your questions. However, you might like to check out other parts of the Birds in Backyards website for information about the birds you're seeing as well as get yourself a good field guide if you haven't already. Googling can be very useful, too. And don't forget to share any information you come across!

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