chooks and wedgies

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chooks and wedgies

Seems l never get enough time to read this site every night.........but anyway.......

Saw a wedge tail eagle very close to the ground at the daughter-in-law's place and couldn't hide the sticky nose, so drove in. Couldn't believe it but another wedgie was on the ground trying to get through the barb wire fence to the poor old white chook who was spread-eagled on the ground.

The first bird l saw had landed about 1 to 1.5m away. They were too busy attempting to get at the old chook they took no notice of me driving up and parking less than two metres away.

I decided a distraught daughter-in-law was less preferable than a 'full' wedgie so got out of the car and walked towards them. They weren't impressed and took off after l moved to within a metre of them.

The old chook was exhausted and couldn't care less that l had saved her from death but at least l got as close as l'll ever get to these magnificent birds.

PS. The neighbours dog took the chook for a run around in its mouth the following week. Vale chook. But at least l got to see up close some wedgies!

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