a clever thief

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a clever thief

I took this photo early this morning, just outside the butcher's shop. He was unloading his van, but didn't shut the door. This Magpie knew exactly what to do, he flew into the van, pulled at a packet of meat, and emerged with a big chunk in his beak, sat on a street light, and enjoyed his free meal. I had a feeling he waits for the butcher to turn up?

DSC00994 (1) put a smile on my face, what a clever thief.

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Doesn't he look happy, looks like he picked the choice grade. Probably read the label first. Good photo M-L.



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the ingenuity of birds!!

by the way - name & address of the butcher please - I don't want to buy the rest of the packet


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Clever little bird.  Cheeky too.  He must be used to this to be so adept at it.

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