A cuckoo?

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A cuckoo?

This litte bird flew over me in SEQ, looking rather guilty. Please help me with an identification. Thanks.

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No expert, and hard to tell from angle, longish bill, dark chin and apparent protruding eyes ?? Noisy Friarbird? As always happy to stand corrected.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Doesn't look like a Noisy Friarbird (their heads are completly naked except for a white throat), resembles a female or juvenile Eastern Koel to me.

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Antoni, Thanks again for your help. That dark patch under the 'chin' does look like something an eastern koel has (according to my book). They're called storm birds, aren't they. I've heard them around the area, but never saw one (until now, maybe).

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I agree with Antoni its an Eastern Koel which are one of the storm birds. The Channel Bill Cuckoo is another. Both are cuckoos and will lay their eggs in a host birds nest for them to raise their young.

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