A few nests

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A few nests

so good to see some complete nests with a few that have young. pictures here is #1 Superb fairy-wren down the road with young chirping away (yet to find the one near here). #2 Blacked faced Cuckoo shrike's that is in the tree out the front of my mother in-laws house. #3 is a willie wagtail under contruction in the same tree as the cuckoo shrike, these two were busy either building or chasing away the noisy miner birds from the tree.. I hope I get a chance to see the little ones out and about later on down the track smiley

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How good are you finding all those nests? Well doneyes

I'm having a hard time finding any, at my place the nest are always hidden inside the thick under growth. Good for the birds, bad for mecrying


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thats so exciting! I have never seen a Cuckoo-shrikes nest before.

Thank you smiley

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The fairy wren was pure luck, I was walking past but right at the tree droped the lid to my drink and as I stood up I heard the little ones calling out to the parents then dad dash in then out. As for the others I spent a good three ours under the tree without noticing them until my 3 year old daughter told me to look at the birdies. I'm training this one young  wink

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I have been waiting for the 2 baby White - Cheeked Honeyeaters to leave their nest for their first flight. Mum and Dad have been doing such a great job constantly feeding them . Yesterday was the first day I actually left the house , all day. It wasn't till early this morning I noticed that our naughty Jack Russell Lily had caught one and killed it on the patio. I havent come across the other yet but it is not in the nest and the parents are no longer visiting the nest . It really is upsetting to know that the minute they left the safety of their nest my naughty dog (who's natural instinct is to kill) got hold of one and more than likely the other sadcrying. As for Lily I haven't bothered to talk to her all day.angry

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