goodbye from Araminta

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goodbye from Araminta

Many members have tried to get into contact with Araminta, but because her post on here disappeared after a short time, I have offered to repost it for her.

Here is what Araminta said:

edited by Holly

I will never stop to care for the environment and all wildlife, nor will I stop taking photos of birds. I have always acted with great respect to nature and tried my best to do as little damage as humanly possible. I would like to thank all the great people that have supported me over the years, I loved to look at all your photos with great joy. For a while I will do more of the other things I love, like listen to classical music and read some of the books I neglected. (No, I won’t be doing any old people’s things, like knitting and sitting on park benches)  I might come back one day under a different name and a few days later declare, you know who I am? No, I won’t be doing that either. Should I come back, it will be me Araminta, haha.

Seriously now, I wish you all happy birding. Make sure you look after the environment so the birds and all other wildlife has a chance to live well and prosper in the future. Try to hand your passion down to the next generation leading by example. Birds  certainly need all the help they can get.

Got to go, I can hear some birds outside, a call I haven’t heard before…… cheers Marie-Louise

should anyone want to contact me, here is my e-mail address:

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