help please - two Brisbane birds

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help please - two Brisbane birds


I am a beginner in bird watching and am new to Brisbane - sorry if my question is too simple :)

The first one was seen at the Minnippi Parklands, and the second at Wynnum wetlands.

Many thanks!


First is a tern of some type - there are quite a few tern species in Australia and in some cases they can be difficult to distinguish even for experts (which I am certainly not). As a guess i would say yours might be a black-naped tern, or possibly a little tern or fairy tern.

The second I suspect is a grey shrike thrush .

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I'm not 100% sure about the Tern, but I'd say definitely not a Black-naped Tern, nor a Fairy Tern, it looks a bit like a Little Tern but I reckon it's most likely a young Whiskered Tern.  Agree the other bird is a Grey Shrike-thrush.

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Thanks both!

Have looked up those names. Whiskered tern does seem to make more sense.

Love the calls of the grey shrike-thrush :)

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From the look of the hook at the end of that bill & the lack of a broad white wing stripe I'd say the second bird is a juvenile Grey Butcherbird.

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