Is it worth it?

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Is it worth it?

I just drove down the road and passed a neighbour's property . He has put netting over his trees , to keep the birds from getting to it.

I post this photo again. The poor King Parrot got stuck in the netting. Because this bird knows me well, I was able to cut all of it off. It was well and truely embedded in his chest.

Is a bit of fruit really worth the suffering of birds?

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Sometimes humans find it very difficult to get on with nature. Little do those humans realize how heavily they ultimately depend on nature. 

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I'm not sure that some humans even try Woko to get on with nature. I found this Beach-stone Curlew the other week with some fishing line around its neck. 

Samford Valley Qld.

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I think you're right there, Reflex. There are many humans whose behaviour clearly indicates they are quite hostile to nature. Some even openly admit it. Others are ambivalent towards nature as they ever so slowly become aware that they depend on nature for their existence. Still others are quite apathetic or ignorant. My great concern is that those who have the most power are the ones most nature-hostile.

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