native brown quail

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native brown quail

Just wondering.  According to the guide books the native brown quail is precocial and leaves the  nest right away when born.  I have varying reports if they stay however with the family group  or are they solitary like brush turkeys.  this has ramifications for release of rehab individuals which is what I am after. Thanks

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There's a new word for me. Precocial. "Covered with down and capable of moving about when hatched. Used of wading birds and domestic fowl." (The Free Dictionary). Thanks, Leiopelma.

I checked the breeding section of Michael Morcombe's Field Guide to Australian Birds. The Brown Quail parents care for the young after they leave the nest.

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I've messaged you the e-mail of a very good wildlife carer.

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I've bred king quail (same genus) and the chicks are off and running shortly after hatching, however the parents help them find food and keep them warm and safe. From memory they reach independence early. 

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