"thalidomide" corella

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"thalidomide" corella

G'day from WA!

Has anyone encountered any birds - wild or domestic with no feet?

The corella in the attached photo showed up about a fortnight ago but I only noticed the unfinished legs about a week later. He is by himself (the other corella's are paired), not as reactive as the rest of the flock, so may have been a pet at some stage although is not "tame" enough to for me to get closer than 3-4m. 

He manages his impairment remarkably well, even managing to land on smooth barked tree branches of our lemon scented gum tree.

I would be interested in hearing theories, speculation, thoughts as to possible causes / scenarios.

My own theories include:

a) pet whose leg bands were too tight or other similar "abuse"

b) congenital deformity

c) trauma

Of course he has been nicknamed "Stumpy".

Shirley Hardy
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I've never seen a bird without feet before. The bird looks healthy enough and looks like it has a healthy beak. I'd have a guess at it being in a car accident; got caught up in a fence; or it's legs were bitten off by a cat. It's stumps don't look healthy. It may die but I'm not a vet.

I'm at Tenterfield, NSW. (Formerly known as "Hyperbirds".)

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Silver Gulls and Rock Doves in city areas are often affected

in which cases i suspect inadequate diet

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