those surveys again

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those surveys again

Hi Holly,

Please don't have a nervy over me sending yet another query.

After 3 attempts to get into citizens whatever, l started to log in the survey data for w/e 19/02/2012 only to have all the data rejected and the site time-out for who knows what reason. I only had to click on the oversized boxes for 13 birds and it must have taken all of three minutes so l don't know what went wrong.

I really don't want to join the chorus of voices on the forum but this new way is ...................l'm sorry but any IT people l've met are nerds who don't have any comprehension of how us oldies have difficulties in understanding new formats especially when there are no 'common speak' instructions.

Now we've both got it off our chests, l think l might just have a rest from recording birds for a while. I'll probably keep reading the forums - can't do without my dose of Araminta and Woko!

Hope there are others who will keep up the recording.

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No, no, no, your post makes me feel so sad. Please , don't just  disappear. I have missed you for some time, now I understand. I can feel your frustration. I would like to change your mind, but you know me well enough to know that would be against my belief, nobody should try to do that.

But, if I could, I would say to you , I have some struggles with the new site, but I think it is getting better. I'm trying very hard to get some discussions of the ground. (We used to have some good ones at times even heated or funny ones). If you can, give this forum and us a chance.

I do thank you for the nice compliment. Hope to hear from you, Araminta (Marie-Louise)


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Don't encourage me, mtck. But thanks for the encouragement anyway.

For what it's worth, I have endless discussions with Ms Woko about the vagaries of IT. She's a real IT freak who is able to understand &, indeed, speak the double, even triple, speak of the IT industry. (Why use 1 word for something when you can use 2, 3 or more?) 

I share your experience with the lack of "common speak" & other problems with computers & their programmes. I used to think the problem was all mine but I've since come to see that the inability of what I suspect are the many socially isolated computer nerds to put themselves in our shoes is at the root of many of our computer problems. Unfortunately, without these nerds we wouldn't have a computer industry with all its many benefits such as digital photography. So it's all part of the deal & the great computer game we play. So far, the score is nerds 1, users like you me: not so many. But in true Adelaide Crows tradition I'll fight them to the last byte.

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Don't worry, all websites have problems at some stage, hang in there!

Cheers, Owen.

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Thanks for letting me know. The surveys are all looking fine on my computer and in a range of browsers - may be it was just a temporary hiccup?

If the survey page is looking strange for you or you are getting weird error messages it would be great if you could take a screen shot for me. On my computer i press CTRL and PRT SC and then paste that in an email.


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