A weekend in Tottenham - no Hotspurs to be seen

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A weekend in Tottenham - no Hotspurs to be seen

my primary target was to get pics of the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

but I didn't see any until my last drive through town just before I left; yes, this target was rescued by a pair that flew over when I had stopped to get pics of a White-breasted Woodswallow.

I got 2 lifers - Spotted Bowerbird and Diamond Dove

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Congrats on the lifers, Peter. Looks like your new job position has been good for your list.

Shorty......Canon gear



Annie W
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Fantastic Peter - and thankyou Woodswallow! laugh  Gee those Major Mitchells are just glorious!!

NW Tasmania

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thanks, I am reasonably lucky with my photo opportunities, but it helps when you spend so much time out there;

this weekend is a Qld weekend (if work processes the travel requisition) and

then the following weekend is either east for Turquoise Parrot or west for to mallee area for mallee species 


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