which bird calls with a very loud woooah woooah woooah woooah

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which bird calls with a very loud woooah woooah woooah woooah

 This bird call is a very loud and sharp rising "woooah woooah woooah woooah".

It's very distinct and I've heard nothing similar. Sometimes it only calls "woooah woooah"

Here on the South Coast of NSW I've been hearing this call for many years, practically on a daily basis.

 But I've yet to see and identify it, even when it seems to be only 20 to 50 metres away.


EDIT,.,.,20th NOV 2015.

G'day, and a big thanko to all repliers.

It seems my old peepers are the main culprit in my mis-identity.

I've now seen em up close on my fence.

These birds are as Tim said,Eastern or Common Koels. Due to my bad eye sight, I've been assuming that the two adults were a pair of Satin Bowerbirds.

I've hand fed bits of fruit on me verandah to a mated up pair of Satins. 

I yet again have to give meself an uppercut for another identity muck up.

I can now clearly see why, from about 30 to 5O metres away, in thickly leaved trees, these two species of birds appear remarkably similar.

I'm also wrong about hearing them every day coz they take holidays up to New Guinea

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Could it be an Eastern Koel?

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G'day  Timothy,

                      I've heard recordings of the Eastern Koel, which is very similar in sound but the tune I hear is slightly different.

enlightened.Save your local Wildlife.

Euthanaise all marauding cats.

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Hi Frosty, what type of environment is it?


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Hi, could it possibly be a Pheasant Coucal?  They have a low woop, woop, woop type of call and can be hard to spot in the undergrowth even though it can be close, quite a secretive bird,  however the map I am refering to doesn't include the far south of NSW as an inhabited area! Just a thought though! 

Log Runner
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Rainbowbee, I like the description of the Pheasant Coucal call as like water being poured out of a big bottle.

Frosty, if you hear the bird almost on a daily basis then it is must be resident rather than migratory. On the South Coast I reckon a good canditate would be the Wonga Pigeon, also known as the 'car alarm' bird for its repetative 'wooah' call.

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If it's not a wonga pigeon or common koel..... 
Could be a channel billed cuckoo???? Very very very loud. They'd only be there from Sept-March (much like the Common Koel), so if you hear it on a daily basis throughout winter, then it's probably something else. 

Dave, Sydney. 

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