white pigeon

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white pigeon

I saw an all white pigeon, and one with black and white, on the street, at least i assume them to be pigeons. Could they be doves that people release at weddings and the like?

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They are most likely Feral Pigeons also called Rock Doves, yes I think the population has come from escapees and released birds that decide not to come back.

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most likely light mutations of domestic pigeon/rock dove

there is also a light-coloured Barbary dove that is a common aviary subject and escapee 

and then there's a native White-headed pigeon. 

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Thanks for that!


Rick N
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Goodbye Helen.

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Helen has been reported to Holly, suspect spam, but some of her other posts don't contain the link. I think you will be right Rick, is most likely a spammer. Haven't been as many lately, thankfully.

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