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A study led by ANU has discovered how a mother knows her chicks and can spot an imposter in her nest, even if it looks almost identical to her chicks.

Brood parasitic cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds and abandon their young to the care of the nest's host, leading to significant disruptions to the birds involved.

I am confident that you could show almost anyone a photo of a Rainbow Lorikeet and they will be able to identify it. They are probably the most common backyard bird in Australia - coming out as the most frequently seen bird in both our regular Birds in Backyards surveys as well as the annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count year after year.

Once abundant, the glossy black cockatoo is being wiped out across eastern Australia with one of its remaining habitats south of Sydney under threat from development.

Experts say the glossy blacks are doing it tough and without community support they will not survive.

The native birds are endangered across Australia, from central Queensland to East Gippsland in Victoria.

Reject wheelie bins are being trialled as super-sized nesting boxes in an attempt to address a habitat crisis for some of Australia's largest threatened bird species.

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For many, the words landscape, environment, habitat, wildlife, flora & fauna may stimulate a whole world of images that come to mind.

Don’t spend the rest of winter inside. Take advantage of the next sunny winter’s day to warm up and check out the birds in your garden this June-July 2018.

Australian magpies can understand what other birds are saying to each other, a new study has found.

Central Tablelands Local Land Services and Birdlife Australia are inviting locals to come along to a free workshop to learn how to identify birds native to the Cowra region on April 24.

Find out more at the website of the Cowra Guardian.

An inspiring young schoolgirl becomes a published author by providing a rare insight into the rich birdlife of her Arnhem Land hometown.

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BirdLife Australia is calling for stronger nature laws that genuinely protect our wonderful birds and their precious habitats.

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