Benefits of Bird Watching for Your Family


Bird watching is an activity that brings nature to life! It can be as relaxing as a sitting in your yard or as vigorous as a hike in the bush. Even better, it is something you can do as a family - it gets you outdoors and connecting with each other as well as the environment.

Children are naturally curious and love to learn new things - take advantage of that and get them outdoors with you. Start in your own backyard, learning what birds are visiting and what they are doing in your backyard. Encourage them to take action to create a habitat for birds. Get their hands dirty planting, make a bird bath or get them to help you build a nest box. Teaching them that they can make a difference in the environment is a vaulable lesson.

Of course getting them, and yourselves outside and enjoying the fresh air has health benefits as well. Going bird watching is an adventure. It is great exercise and gets your stress levels down - you get away from the phone and the computer and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Check out the Birds in Backyards Education Resources to find more activities to do with your children.

Make plans today to take the family out for a wonderful experience of bird watching.

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