Bird-friendly Gardening in APZ's


Many people live near the bush to see and hear native birds and other wildlife. Having them visit makes a garden more interesting and habitat gardens help wildlife by providing stepping-stones to bushland. However, living near the bush can also bring the risk of bush fire. One of the main ways to reduce the risk is a well-designed and maintained garden that acts as an Asset Protection Zone (APZ). An APZ is a fuel-reduced area surrounding a built asset such as a house or shed. It is a key element in reducing the impact of bush fire along with house and property maintenance and a Bush Fire Survival Plan. An APZ can also provide habitat and offer food, shelter and water for native animals.

This fact sheet (see pdf right) is a guide to creating an APZ that attracts birds and other wildlife and helps protect your home from bush fire. It was produced by the Nature Conservation Council of NSW in partnership with Birds in Backyards.


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