Bird-friendly Gardening in Small Spaces


While many of us dream of a huge block of land with boundless gardens filled with wonderful bird-life, the reality is, most Australians live in highly urbanised areas and may be renting with only a small garden, courtyard or balcony. The good news is you don't need to have tall trees on your property to attract birds, even in small spaces, there are things you can do. Here are some things to try if you are short on space:

  • Plant shrubs and smaller plants. This layer close to the ground (think about 2m and below) is essential for small birds.
  • Use pots. If you have limited space or you are renting, put a some locally native plants and shrubs in pots and clump them around your garden or courtyard.
  • Put in hanging pots. Birds in Backyards has sent some lovely photos over the years of birds such as White-browed Scrubwrens and Spotted Pardalotes using hanging pots for breeding.
  • Try a vertical garden. With vertical gardening, lush green garden walls can provide important food and cover for birds.
  • Go onto the roof. If you are in an apartment complex get together with neighbours and investigate planting out the roof of your building.
  • Look for common areas. Apartment complexes often have shared space where part can be used for a garden. Make it a community activity and get out there and meet your neighbours!
  • Put in bird bath. Such a quick, easy and effective way of bringing birds to your space. For more details on bird baths go to our bird bath page.

Check out our Gallery of Gardens for more inspiration. There are gardens of all shapes and sizes there for you to take a look at.

Remember, any piece of habitat that you can provide for birds is important, it helps connect a web of green across the landscape.

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