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All the photographs on this site have been donated. The Birds in Backyards team sincerely thank all the photographers who have contributed to this invaluable resource. In particular they wish to acknowledge the Bird Explorers, Kevin Vang and Wojciech Dabrowka, for their extensive and generous contribution.

Bird Explorers

Bird Explorers are responsible for providing a large number of the bird images you can see on the Birds in Backyards website. Any enquiries regarding these images should be made directly to them via their own website:

More about Bird Explorers: Kevin Vang and Wojciech Dabrowka

Kevin Vang has been interested in birds and nature all his life. He is one of Australia's most prolific birdwatchers and birds photographers and served on the Committee of the Birds Australia Southern New South Wales and ACT Group (BASNA) for 6 years. He is the Executive Director of the Australian Foundation (AFAP) through which he travels widely and has set up an extensive network of environmental contacts and bird enthusiasts. He has led a number of bird-watching, natural history and ancient history expeditions in countries as diverse as New Guinea, Nepal and Chile. Wojciech Dabrowka has a special love of Asia and the Himalayas where he works with ecotourism projects in Nepal and in Sikkim. He has also travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, North and South America, Australia and the Pacific islands and is an enthusiastic bird photographer. 

Other contributing photographers include:

  • John Armstrong
  • Ian and Jill Brown
  • Adam Bridger of has kindly provided several images. Please visit for more information or purchasing details.
  • Mike Carter
  • Chris Charles
  • Bettina Digby
  • Neil Fifer
  • Geoff Gates
  • Jenny Gotley
  • Bob Gow
  • Jon Irvine
  • Dana Jennings
  • Ray and Elma Kearney
  • Chris Keily
  • Charlie and Sue Latham
  • Nevil Lazarus
  • Jedda Lemmon
  • Deb Little
  • Akos Lumitzer
  • Bob McPherson
  • Richard Major
  • Clive Minton
  • Tom Oliver
  • Tony Palliser
  • Joseph Palmer
  • Frank Park
  • Holly Parsons
  • Ed Pierce
  • Trevor Quested
  • Bob Ravich
  • Kate Ravich
  • Jayne Rixon
  • Sue Schaffarczyk
  • Phil Straw
  • Natasha Schedvin
  • Bob Thomas
  • John Tudor
  • Dave Watts
  • Eric J Woehler


Birds in Backyards wish to thank Focus Films for their hard work on the range of videos they have developed for the Birds in Backyards website. Focus Films is committed to assisting environmental, conservation and scientific organisations to educate the community by producing videos with them. Visit their website for to see the wonderful range of work they have produced.

Thank you also to Shane Arnfield for sharing his Laughing Kookaburra videos with us and to Kristen Hardy for her Powerful Owl videos.

Bird calls

Fred van Gessel

The Birds in Backyards team gratefully acknowledge the invaluable contribution made by Fred van Gessel of all the audio files of bird calls that you will hear on this website. The complete repertoire of each species, from which these calls have been extracted, is available as part of Fred's 4 volume audio CD collection, Bird Calls of the Greater Sydney Region, which is available from the Australian Museum Shop.

Contact the Australian Museum Shop for purchasing details:
02 9320 6150

More about Fred van Gessel

Fred van Gessel is an ornithologist and professional wildlife sound recordist. Travelling throughout Australia for many years, Fred has collected an extensive library of wildlife sounds. He is a member of many ornithological associations and is presently the president of the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group. Fred's main interest is concentrated in educating people in the recognition of birds by their calls and songs.

Other contributing sound-recordists include:

  • John Tudor

Distribution maps

Supplied from Birdata, the Birds Australia Atlas Website, which is funded by the WildLife Link program of The Tony and Lisette Lewis Foundation.

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