Guidelines for Creating Bird Habitats

This section synthesises the results of research on birds in built up areas to provide best-practice guidelines for development of bird habitat. The guidelines are relevant for any gardener wishing to create a refuge for birds in any area from domestic gardens in high-density urban landscapes to those of rural townships or farmyards. The Guidelines can be downloaded in seven formats to best suit the needs of different habitat managers. These are all based on a scientific review which is also available for those who seek more in-depth information.

Relevance of human-dominated landscapes

As natural habitats continue to be cleared for people to use, available wildlife habitat is reduced, water becomes scarcer , and increased fragmentation of the remaining habitat prevents animals from moving through the landscape to find mates or in response to climate change. Redeveloping human domestic environments so they are suitable for wildlife has therefore become an essential part of maintaining biodiversity worldwide, including in Australia. The good news is that open spaces in built up areas are often the areas where we have the resources to design and manage habitat to meet the specific needs of particular fauna, if we choose to do so. These spaces, if well developed and maintained, have the great potential to provide effective habitat for many birds and other wildlife species that are currently in decline. 

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