How to Get Involved


The Birds in Backyards program can be used by anyone at almost any age and in a variety of ways. 

Three elements:

  • Surveys: Monitoring birds that live in your garden or area and providing the results to scientists who use it to determine the conservation issues and to develop ways of correcting them
  • Bird Finder: Identifying and finding out about specific species
  • Creating Places:  Guidelines to create places for birds to live; what birds need and how to make them

Individuals can...

  • monitor the birds in their garden, local area or any special place they wish to
  • learn about birds
  • develop their gardens, backyards or local open spaces to accommodate birds
  • Talk to or work with their local councils, schools or developers and encourage them to become involved at a landscape level
  • Start a Birds in Backyards Local Group

Community Organisations can...

  • Encourage others in the area to also become involved and help to expand habitat for birds
  • Adapt Birds in Backyards by becoming a Birds in Backyards Local Group and design and run their own projects with the support of Birds in Backyards
  • Have their own Birds in Backyards website home page and specifically focused survey
  • Create opportunities for like-minded people to work together
  • ...and much more.

Councils can...

  • Develop local Birds in Backyards Local Groups that can work with them in ensuring that local native plants and animals are provided for throughout their area by
    • utilising both private (gardens, backyards, domestic areas) and public areas (remnant bushland, parks, open spaces) to  develop safe havens for birds
    • developing wildlife corridors between remnant bush lands  
  • Use the Birds in Backyards resources to help with local education about birds and biodiversity
  • Disseminate the Birds in Backyards information internally to inform planners, engineers and others working in local government how to allow for birds and biodiversity in new and old developments
  • Have their own Birds in Backyards website home page and specifically focused surveys
  • Birds in Backyards A4 posters of local birds can be developed for their area

Schools can...

  • Register to use ‘Answering the Call’ the BirdLife Australia school curriculum sustainability program that uses the Birds in Backyards website and resource
  • Develop parts of their playgrounds into habitat for birds
  • Use surveys to teach about biodiversity monitoring within scientific studies
  • Access the Birds in Backyards resources such as the A4 ID posters to help support activities
  • Have their own Birds in Backyards website home page to show what great activities they have been doing and to inspire others


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