Our funding partnerships are vital - they enable us to conduct the vital bird research and conservation work that we are known and respected for, then share the information gained with all manner of interested people. We proudly acknowledge the wonderful partnerships that we have developed with a range of individuals, corporations and other conservation and education organisations.

Individual partners

Birds in Backyards has, and continues to be, funded almost entirely by individual donations.

We are grateful and fortunate to be the recipients of very generous, on-going financial support from a private family, who effectively act as ‘patrons’ for the program, but wish to remain anonymous.

Seed funding for Birds in Backyards was originally secured through a twitchathon (a bird race that raises money for bird conservation and research), organised by the Birds Australia Southern NSW and ACT regional group (BASNA). The funds raised supported the design and implementation of the initial program. Two subsequent and generous donations by Mr Peter Crossing, enabled us to actually begin the program by undertaking the first two research projects, engaging the community for the first time and gathering valuable data in the process. We are also grateful to a number of our supporters that have also made donations for specific projects within the program.

Corporate partners

We proudly acknowledge the following companies who have supported Birds in Backyards.

Marloo Media: assisted with the publication of the Teachers' Toolkit magazine..

Planet Press: provide on-going print sponsorship through their EnviroPrint fund.  The aim of EnviroPrint is to enhance public awareness of environmental conservation, cultural harmony, and the important work of Australian charities through professional graphic design, print services and the utilisation of recyclable or reclaimed potential waste material.

Focus Films: have partnered with Birds in Backyards  to produce the educational videos you will find throughout our website. They assist environmental, conservation and scientific organisations educate society by producing videos in partnership with them.

Government support

New South Wales Environmental Trust: In 2006 BIBY received an education grant to develop Guidelines for Enhancing Urban Bird Habitat. We then received a Dissemination grant for these guidelines and funding in 2010 to run our evaluation project: Does Biodiversity Education Work? A case study using urban birds. In 2012 we have received an environmental education grant to run the Powerful Owl Project for the next two years.

Conservation and Education partnerships

Australian Museum: The Birds in Backyards Program was initially a partnership program between Birds Australia and the Australian Museum. We wish to thank the Australian Museum for their work with Birds in Backyards from 2004-2009 and their ongoing participation in the project.

University of Wollongong: UOW has forged a distinctive identity among Australian and international universities, standing apart from sector categories. An enterprising institution with a personalised style, UOW is confidently building an international reputation for quality research and education. We work with a member of our Steering Committee, Prof. Kris French and her research students on various urban bird projects.

University of Sydney: University of Sydney students and researchers come from all over the world and all backgrounds to prepare for a life of challenge and change. They are unique among Australia's leading universities in the breadth of disciplines offered, providing wide opportunities for personal development and cross-disciplinary study that delivers unique insights and breakthroughs. Dr. Charlotte Taylor is a member of our Steering Committee and we collaborate with her and her education and ecology students on a range of different projects.

Taronga Zoo: The role of Taronga Zoo in conservation is to create direct and positive connections between wildlife and people. Through their efforts they protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community action. We work with Taronga Zoo to deliver education on the zoo grounds and also as part of their outreach programs.


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