is someone available to rescue a juvenile pacific gull in port melbourne

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is someone available to rescue a juvenile pacific gull in port melbourne

Hello, my work mates from the spirit of tasmania found a juvenile pacific gull on the small beach under station pier near the first restaurant. They placed the bird under the pier and it has been there for a few days and they have tried to help it between shifts when they get off for a walk in the early morning with fresh water and food. It has an injured eye, cant fly but has given them a good peck which is prmising as the other day it couldn't lift its head.

Unfortunately we are all based in the Tasmanian end but are hoping someone on this forum might go down there tonight or early tomorrow morning and be a rescue angel for this lovely young pacific gull.

We go on very early morning walks along the waterfront, we saw a massive smooth stingray amongst the smaller stingarees and also the agile water rat. Despite the pollution some native animals seem to do well along Port Melbournes waterfront.

Any help for this bird would be great, he was last seen early this morning

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Google a wildlife rescue group based in Vic and call them. I don't know what they're called. I think Wildlife Vic or something....

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Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Wildife Victoria is sending a rescue volunteer, fingers crossed the gull is still there and still alive

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