Bird of the Week Challenge: 25th May - New vs Old

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Bird of the Week Challenge: 25th May - New vs Old

Happy Monday all

Fabulous shots last week - made me smile and a couple made me laugh (you know the ones...). This week I thought it might be good to have people share some shots that might show how far they have come as photographers? Share some of your older shots and then some of the newer shots (say taken in 2015) that you are proud of. 


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This should be interesting..........

First photograph of an Eastern Yellow Robin from last year. Not cropped or edited in any way, straight out of the memory card. No eye contact at all, the bird is smack bang in the middle and that mess of wire on the right hand side is not doing anything at all towards improving the photograph. 

A more recent shot of the same species. Cropped to remove any unsightly distractions, good eye contact and better composition. I have also started to try to make the background as out of focus as possible, ( the wider the aperture the narrower the depth of field), something that is not always possible depending on the distance to the subject etc.

I think most people would agree that the second photograph is the better one of the two.

Samford Valley Qld.

Rick N
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First Australian Hobby

Second Australian Hobby

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Shorty......Canon gear


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Amazing improvements guys. The second shots of each image are awesome !


Rick N
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First 3rd August 2013

Last 27th May 2015

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Junior lapwings. 

First photo 2011 

Second photo 2014

Dave, Sydney. 

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