New Holland Honeyeaters flocking

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New Holland Honeyeaters flocking

We have about a dozen New Holland Honey Eaters around our garden normally. Recently there have been about 50 of them. They flock together chirping loudly and constantly. They don't appear to be breading or fighting. What are they up to? I am new to this site and know little on the subject at this stage.

I have a movie of them but as it is 10Mb I am not sure how to load it onto the site.

Don Rawding

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G'day Don,

There may be better ways, but upload your video to youtube, and then post the link here.

I'm looking forward to seeing it, great little birds.



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Hey guys

I have uploaded Don's video to our BIBY TV channel on Youtube but it seems it doesnt want to embed here for some reason - doing some investigating. The video can be seen on this link though:


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Thanks Holly.

Great video, Don. Wonderful birds!



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Fantastic! I have never seen so many together. I'd have been in photography heaven.

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Taken with non slr Nikon L120 (21 x Zoom) on movie mode and no tripod.  With a real video camera the results no doubt would be much better.

The flock was around for about a week and has now dispersed - the usual 10 or so.

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Hey Don, I have these birds do the same thing in my back yard fly from tree to tree totally engulfing a small bush!  

I wondered if you had found why they do this?

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I have read that New Holland Honeyeaters congregate in this way to form social bonds & establish control over resources. They do this at bird baths but also in shrubs & trees. Humans do a similar thing when they go to the pub for after work drinks.

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