Zoo Kingfisher

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Zoo Kingfisher

Here is a Forest Kingfisher at taronga zoo in Sydney. It is a beautiful bird but it would be a lot better to see one in the wild, I hope to see one soon! It is awesome being so close to the birds though, you can see all the details and colours of their plumage so well.

Rick N
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Lovely shot Tim, beautiful colouring.

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he's a clean bird


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What a beautiful bird! Great shot,Tim.

I agree,it would be lovely to see one these in the wild and their colours are so blue and beautiful. On the plus side though you do get to study closely at the zoo without having to worry about them flying away or being really far off.


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Wow, yes, brilliant colours!

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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What brilliant colours this Kingfisher has and you have captured them well.

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That's a fantastic photograph you've taken Tim! 

Samford Valley Qld.

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Great photo Tim. I love these little guys. I ams o lucky to have them at work and get to see them all the time.

Annie W
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Oh agree totally with comments above, you'e preserved the rich colouration beautifully Tim.  I have yet to see one in the wild in Tas too, although plenty of others have - I need some fresh birding spots, lol.

West Coast Tasmania


Nice, is that a hint of deep blue in its eyes, or is it reflection perhaps.   Who needs museums to stuff birds when there are photographers like you. thanks. 

Ipswich Shire Eastern flanks

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Thanks everyone! Jason, I think it is probably just the reflection from its own feathers.

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