G'day from Bray Park

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G'day from Bray Park

Fortunate to be living in an area with lots of Native trees and heaps of birds...

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Welcome to the forum! Absolutely Love your little green frog too.
Look forward to seeing more.

I know this is a bird site but maybe "the powers that be" would consider adding a special section for reptiles and insects for us to post in? I am tryng to get some dragon fly pictures and have a couple of frog ones of my own.


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Hi Jenny

Good idea, I think most of us bird photographers turn the lens to other wildlife when the birds don't want to play.

Hi Bigaugie

I,m also in Townsville, as you say a great place to be.

Ed Townsville NQ

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here bigaugie. And Jennywren, in the 'Social' page you'll find some on going threads for dragonflies, snakes, spiders and insects, I hope this helps! And I look forward to seeing your photos :)

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Hi guys and welcome. As Elsie said in the social section there are loads of photos of snakes, butterflies and lizards, check them out and add your own.

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Have you noticed the dates on the first Three posts?

Samford Valley Qld.

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Hmm, that's funny! I wonder why it showed up at the top for me? I don't generally go through the older posts so i'm not sure why I thought this was recent :P

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