transferring photos

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transferring photos

This is probably a bit off topic, but I usually transfer my photos from my camera to computer via windows from my sd card.

Suddenly it is  transferring ALL the photos instead of just the new ones, 650 of them at the moment.  Should i just delete the old photos?  Or does any one know how to stop this from happening?

Thank you!

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Have you set it to automatically do this via some autoplay setting the very first time you connected that SD card to the computer?

I usually just open the folder (like you would do for USBs), select the whole range of images that I want to copy and copy them to my hard drive. Just like yopu would do to move your documents and images on the computer from folder to folder

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Thanks for this, that is very helpful, an easier way to do it that avoids the problems i have been having. 

(Should have thought of it myself, i panic a bit with my limited technical know-how!)


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