Bird of the Week Challenge: 10th October - spring flowers

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Bird of the Week Challenge: 10th October - spring flowers

Happy Monday everyone!


We are one week out from the Aussie Backyard Bird Count - hope you have had a look at the website and downloaded the app :) But before Bird Week, lets focus on another glorious aspect of spring, the flowers that are around. Your photos can include birds if you like, but don't have to.

If anyone is in Sydney on Wednesday, we will be in Martin Place with a pop up garden - please pay us a visit! 


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Bottlebrush is always a favourite with the Lorikeets.


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Helmeted Friarbird was enjoying these flowers in Cairns


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Blue Face Honeyeater among the Redhot Poker (Kniphofia).

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Superb Fairy-wren in Acacia shrub.

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Fresh wattle picked for this Helmeted Honey eater just as my daughter and I were arriving at Bird on the Perch avaries near Tathra. (NSW South Coast)

Helmeted Honey Eater. by robert, on Flickr


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Little Wattlebird feeding on a Grevillea at home. Most Grevilleas (and especially this one Moonlight) respond very well to an annual prune and as such can form a very attractive shrub that will flower for an extended period attracting all sorts of birds and live for many years. 

Samford Valley Qld.

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Lovely pictures. I am surprised by the birds on the wattle as I seldom see them doing much about it. Grevillea is much more attractive. Is it soemthing to do with lack of nectar?


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