Working on solving our Common Myna porblem.

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Working on solving our Common Myna porblem.

The Mens Shed in Richmond, NSW make common myna traps, they are cage traps that wont hurt birds but will contain them until we sort the gold from the dross.

The dross will receive one way trips to a green dream.

This last couple of months four mynas bred to nine mynas in comparison we only had one pair of noisy miners and they had two chicks.

Time to step in and help the environment.

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What makes you think they get the "green dream"? You mean, they euthanize them one by one? Over here they trap that many, the councils put them in plastic bags and gas them. Quick and humane. You can even go to the council, I have been told by someone, you can get an attachment for the car.


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Hi Araminta. Is the council doing anything to educate people about preventing Common Mynahs from breeding & expanding their populations? Perhaps they'd save rate payers' money by spending less on gas if everyone was behind a Common Mynah eradication programme.

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