Fairy Wren nest building

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Fairy Wren nest building


I put out a selection of nesting materials just a couple of metres from her nesting site - a birdy Bunnings.

I included sugical cotton, yarn, jute string, human hair, dog fur, and chook feathers.

She was dead keen on the surgical cotton and the hair plus the chook feathers except a sparrow hen would take the chook feathers away from her if she wasn't quick enough. She ignored the jute altogether and left the yarn and fur until there wasn't anything left that she liked better. I got the ideas for materials from Geckodan's site http://www.geckodan.com/bird-caresheets-australian-fairy-wren-species/

I tried to follow her back and forth a couple of times, but my video skills are too poor, so settled on just the materials selection.

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Cool idea! Thanks for sharing the video.


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That was great to watch. Thank you.


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