Do butcher birds "pellet"

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Do butcher birds "pellet"


Am trying to figure out what is leaving a "pellet" of dried stuff on our deck .... butcher birds love to come and help themselves to our dog's food, as do possums (and rats) at night.  But somebody is leaving a "pellet". It looks too big for a butcher bird to pass by pooping (and I thought birds only pooped liquid stuff).  It's oval, about 1.5 cm long and 1cm fat, and is brown and fibrous.  Any suggestions?  Many thanks. 

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Hi Helmar, could be helpful to know where you are? Perhaps a possum could be the culprit, as they could also be interested in your dog food.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Maybe an owl, Helmar. Do you know which owl species are in your area?

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Currawongs leave pellets like that.

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Rats also leave pellet like excrement too, depending on what they are eating seasonally, my Butcherbirds just crap like the others, Bowerbirds leave nodule like excrement with fruit seeds.  

My Pied Currawong just expels same as Magpies, watery with some solids, depending on seasonal foods too.

Lastly it could be small possums too, they leave varied shaped excrement depending on time of year and diet too.

Hidden camera is the way to go, preferably motion (no pun intended) activated, they are pretty cheap these days at Aldi and JayCar Electronics.

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Thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions.  I had thought at first possums or rats - but the culprit has been found!  This morning the butcherbird came in to forage the dried dog food and after being chased off by said dog, there was a warm pellet on the arm of the chair where it had been sitting, which had not been there previously.  Mystery solved.  Butcher birds do "pellet".  

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