Saturdays Mooloolaba Pelagic

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Saturdays Mooloolaba Pelagic

I made a note in the General Forum to see if anyone was interested in taking my spot on Saturdays Mooloolaba Pelagic. As it turned out I managed to get to the appointment on Friday afternoon (Instead of Saturday) which allowed me to go and boy am I glad I did.

It was probably my most enjoyable Pelagic trip ever! Not only did I get 5 new species but they came in so close to the boat I was able to get some really good shots. There were also an unusual number of Lesser Frigatebirds, Pomarine Jaegers and Flesh-Footed Shearwaters. 

The full report can be found here

Brown Booby

Red-Footed Booby (check out how the feet look like chewing gum)

The highlight for me. A Lesser Frigatebird flying close to the boat

White Tern. Not a great shot but a lifer for me.

Pomarine Jaeger (Light Morph)

Streaked Shearwater

Male Lesser Frigatebird

Young Tahiti Petrel

Flesh-Footed Shearwater

Fight for food

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What an amazing set of shots. Wonderful that you managed to make the trip. How do you manage to keep the camera steady on a boat?


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Just amazing with an exceptional array of birds. Will have to put this (or any pelagic really) on my bucket list

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Pretty special, Devster. It's amazing what's out there- things few people would be aware of.

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The Red-Footed Booby would have been a lifer for me but I would have loved the photo opportunities on the other species.

Samford Valley Qld.

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Amazing stuff Devo. All would be new to me! Well done!

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Thanks guys it was a really great trip, with lots of birds and good weather. 

To answer Sues question, it's hard but there was only a small swell so it wasn't as hard as other trips where you need both hands to hold on so you don't fall overboard. Then somehow you need to hold the camera with both hands and get focus on a bird moving at speed while you're moving up and down.

Woko you are absolutely right. I was one of those people and I have only scratched the surface of whats out there.

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Incredible set Dev, thanks for the sharing

Love the Booby shots  :)

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Thanks laza. I had great pleasure in telling my boys I saw some Bobbys, made them laugh.


im a bit late to this one but wow what a  lot of stunning birds and photos ... thanks for sharing. 

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Amazing stuff Devster, you must have had a ball.  Love the Frigate Bird.

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Thanks WD & Dmenace.

I did have a ball with this one. They are not all as great as this trip. Especially if there is a Northerly blowing

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great shots, nice variety.

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Hi Devster,

If I may pick your brains, I was wondering what lens you used on this trip?  I recall some remarks you made about the Tamron and thought you may have used another lens.

Cheers, Denis.

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I did use the Tamron lens Denis. It is slower than other lenses for birds in flight, especially in low light.

I am currently saving up for a 100-400 series 2 lens which is supposed to be a lot faster and good for birds in flight.

Like anything, it is practice. As the light was ok, the birds were closer and it was a very calm day, I managed to get more clearer shots than normal. Still had heaps of shots of a foot, wing, water and blurs as well.

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Have a look at the Sigma 150-600 contemporary, cheaper than the Canon, longer reach and on a par optically 

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Avian wrote:

Have a look at the Sigma 150-600 contemporary, cheaper than the Canon, longer reach and on a par optically 

The Sigma 150-600 is similar to the Tamron 150-600 which is what I used. While it is cheaper & longer reach than the Canon 100-400 series 2 is is a long way off optically and considerably slower.

Rick N
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Your killing me :-) Have to get up there with you guys for a Pelagic at some stage.

Beautiful set of shots, love the colour you have captured in these birds.

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Thanks heaps Rick. 

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Absolutely brilliant Devon, some there I have never heard of, a whole different world out there. Would love to do one of these trips, have to take a packet of Travacalm tablets though.

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Thanks Brian, yes the sea sick tablets are a necessity! Even those who go on every one take them as a precaution. Another little tip, if you are susceptible to getting sick, don't sit in the cabin. Even on this trip I started out in the cabin but had to move outside to get the airflow accross my face.

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These photos are so inspiring! Wonderful. I'd love to join one of these trips one day.

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Thanks Amson, your words are inspiring.

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