Morning at Greenwood Lakes

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Morning at Greenwood Lakes

Spent a couple of hours at Greenwood Lakes, south west of Brisbane, and snapped quite a few species. Have included three here, a Brush Cuckoo, Fantail Cuckoo and a female Golden Whistler. It's a beautiful little park on the site of an old sand mine, but has undergone a lot of rehabilitation with trees that attract certain species. The mine is now a lake. 

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Wonderful. I would like to see those Cuckoos.


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Mine rehabilitation is big business. If done properly it can be a real positive. I like your photos, too, Alcatraz.


Great photos ... beautiful birds

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Thanks Elizabeth, Woko and WD for your kind words. Happy to take anyone to this park if you are up this way.

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I had to look where this was as I have never heard of it before. Looks like it may be worth a visit sometime. Love your pics too! 

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