Raptor raids road-kill

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Raptor raids road-kill

This is from NZ - the Australasian Harrier (Swamp Harrier) is the most common raptor (abundant according to the field guide) and enjoys a bit of road kill - in this case what looks like an unfortunate hare.

The NZ version of cattle egrets and cattle - substitute black backed gulls (kelp gulls) for cattle egrets

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Excellent shot of the Harrier, I've only managed fleeting views of their aussie counterparts to date

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Great stuff WD, like Ryu the Oz harrier is one raptor that I have  only had fleeting views of.

Let alone get one into a viewfinder.

Classic pose as well, you can almost read the bird's mind

"Get your eyes off my bunny " :)

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Love them!. The Harrier shot is a cracker!

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Great shot of the harrier.


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Love the Harrier, an excellent shot.

If in NZ and near the Coromandel Peninsula, look for the Spotted Shag as it is quite unusual. The Miranda Shorebird Centre is also well worth a visit and you might check out the Wrybills.



Thanks HelloBirdy, laza, Devster, sue818 & dougt.

I have not been in Nth Island at all sue - i have only been down south and have seen lot of the spotted shags around otago harbour, very impressive when in their breeding plumage. 

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