Birding at the Burpengary

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Birding at the Burpengary

Took my mum to the Environmental Education Center at Burpengary, well the surrounding bushland around it, to see what birds were around.

I first discovered this area when they did a night nature walk last month. I took my camera then too, but as there were 70 people including young kids, anything that would have been around was long gone. 

We tried Saturday morning but the rain kept us away so when the weather was gorgeous on Sunday, I said lets try again today. 

Started out with Brown Honeyeaters, Noisy Miners, Noisy Firarbirds and a few Straw-necked Ibis et. It was a lovely walk which follows Burpengary Creek. There were a lot of birds calling but it was hard to photograph them in the thick foliage which was also very dark. 

I went away with 196 shots and deleated 176.

I was fairly happy with these and was surprised how well they actually turned out.

Hope you enjoy!

White-Throated Honeyeater - There were a number of these fitting around the trees, hanging upside down and chasing each other around. Had to wait patiently for one of them to finally come down and perch on an open branch, even if it was for only a split second.

Spangled Drongo - Hear this one before we saw him. He landed on this branch and started a preening session.

Rufous Fantails - There were a pair of these chasing each other around. This one stopped to check us out.

Little Wattlebird

Female Rufous Whistler - There were alot of these and Golden Whisters but this was the only decent photo I managed to get. As it was there was something in the way whick left a white blur at the bottom so I decided to put a light Vignette around the whole pic, just for something different.

Spectacled Monarch - By far my favourite pic of the day. This was another case of wait until he came out into the open and again just for a split second. You can see how dar the background was, making it hard to take photos that wern't blurry or too grainy.

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Excellent job with the monarch

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Thanks for posting these, I also like the Rufous Fantail picture!


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Wonderful set Devon under difficult conditions. Getting the Rufous Fantail to sit still long enough to get a shot was a bonus. The Spectacled Monarch & WT Honeyeater would both be new for me.


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Great set Dev

4 new ones for me in that lot.

Love Rufous Fantail and Spec Monarch photos

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well


Excellent photos - that colection of shots is a fantastic result for those conditions, those flighty little birds and being culled out of a total of only 196!  

I love the little White-Throated Honeyeater - very cute. Spectacled Monarch is great too as are all of them.

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Great set of shots. Fantastic under any conditions.


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Thanks for your comments Ryu, Elizabeth, Brian, laza, WD & Sue, I really appreciate them. 

It is nice to share photos that you thought wern't going to turn out all that well but are pleasantly surprised when they do turn out.

laza which ones would be new for you?

I like your comment WD only 196! I have learnt to control my shooting a bit better so I don't break the delete key when going through them.

Annie W
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Dark thick foliage which makes bird photography tricky...hmmm, nope, can't say I can relate to that here in Tassie LOL, or the deleting of a vast number of shots for that matter (I'm really telling giant fibs now).  Still getting those collections of a variety of beautiful bird shots I see Devster, just brilliant, that's what I'd call a fantastic Sunday outing.  Definitely a +1 from me for the Spectacled Monarch, what a stunning bird.

West Coast Tasmania

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Absolutely wonderful to hear from you Annie. Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes the Monarchs are a beautiful bird.

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Great work Devster and a great variety.

Shorty......Canon gear


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Great shots Devster.  The Monarch for me, they supposed to be where I live near Brisbane but I have yet to see one.


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Thanks Shorty & Doug. I hadn't seen any Monarchs now I hear them all the time. Just need learn their call and you would be surprised how many times you hear them.

Doug, I am happy to take you to a reliable location if you like. There are also White-Eared Monarchs, Rose-crowned Fruit Doves and Azure Kingfishers that are there regularly as well.

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Thank you for the offer Devon, I'd like to take you up on that.


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