golden whistler

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golden whistler

Birding from the kitchen. a golden whistler taps on the window.

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Lovely photo, i have to go carefully looking in bushland to see one of these, not something that comes knocking!  Where are you located?


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located in gympie queensland. 180km north of brisbane.


Thats amazing - fantastic shot. 

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Wow lucky you to have one so close and knocking on your window. Except for the little gifts he would keep leaving for you.

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Wow thats incredible and such a great shot through the glass


Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Thanks everyone, i see them often here, but seeing one tap on the window is a first for me.

must be breeding season, had some good falls of rain to break the drought.

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Or it might be a bird that, unfortunately, has been fed by neighbours & is looking for a handout rather than rely on its natural habitat for food.

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Have had a lot of birds attacking the windows over the years, - they see their reflection and try to chase off the intruder, - seems to happen during the breeding season.

Annie W
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So lucky to have one so close, Woodland Birds are just my fav by far - great capture RR!  Looks likes he's scoping the eaves for spiders, or trying to spy that "other" handsome GW he just saw ;)

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